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What's Up

The upcoming summer months are starting to be filled up playing various tours. Spring is underway and the dates are coming in. I just did a little west coast tour (sponsored by BI-MART) with Amy Clawson and David Frizzel (What a great honor) David is one of the classic old school country guys who has written a lot of hits, is a very fun and a genuine performer.

I will be playing a lot of shows with Amy Clawson this year. We are sponsored by BI-MART and that helps get us involved with a lot of really cool events. They are a great company and have been very good to us. Look for us at BI-MART sponsored events.

The shows with Amy won't get into full swing until June, so until then I am staying busy with side gigs. One of those is at Goodfellas bar @ 14th and main, Springfield every Wednesday at 9:30pm. The line-up is: Joe Weber(Guitar), Neriah Hart (bass and vocals), Mo mcConnell (bass etc) and me on drums. I am also doing various recording projects. One with Joe and Neriah, Joe and one with Amy's band and a few others. When I get those done I will be open for